FSSC 22000 Food Safety


The FSSC 22000 standard focusses on certifying the Food Safety Management System of an organization. FSSC 22000 was designed to meet the needs of an international, GFSI recognized food safety scheme based on the ISO system. The standard is based on the ISO 22000 standard, with the addition of a sector-specific Pre-Requisite Program (PRP), and some additional standards including for Food Fraud and Food Defense (bioterrorism).

The benefits of FSSC 22000 certification are:

  • A management system demonstrably aimed at safeguarding food safety risks that can occur inside and outside an organization;
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations and the requirements of your customers;
  • Continuous improvement of processes and therefore your organization;
  • FSSC 22000 is GFSI recognized (international);
  • The scheme is owned and maintained by an independent foundation.

Latest version

In May 2019, the latest version (version 5) of FSSC 22000 was published. From 1 January 2020, all audits will be performed according to this new standard.

How does it work?

You can contact us to request a quotation for FSSC 22000. If you approve the quotation, we will contact you to plan the initial audit. This audit generally involves two stages: first an audit of the documentation, followed by a practical audit. If the initial audit does not reveal any issues, the FSSC 22000 certificate will be issued. This certificate is valid for three years. However, an annual inspection is performed to ensure your system is still compliant.

If you hold TUV ROYAL certification for other schemes, we prefer to perform the annual audits concurrently.

Recalls and Early Warning System (EWS)

As a FSSC 22000 certified company, you may detect abnormal and (possibly) unsafe products. In this case, you must submit a report to the relevant organizations and inform us. We will then contact you if any additional action needs to be taken.

Please contact us if you would like information about which certificate is suitable for your company.