ISO 10002 Quality Management – Complaints handling

It relates to any size or organization that offers products or services to the sector.

You can benefit from ISO 10002 certification by:  if you want to prioritize your customers, improve your processes and improve your system with customer feedback. ISO 10002, an international standard, sets requirements for customer satisfaction quality management system. This will help you show your customers that your processes meet international standards and show your commitment to continuous improvement.

ISO 10002 focuses on customer needs, quality and continuous improvement. By improving your processes and performance, your organization can better meet the needs of your customers and fulfill their requirements as a supplier. This creates new business opportunities and increases competitiveness, leading to increased profits.

What you want to know?

Organizations that are constantly losing customers have to work hard to get their reputation back. For the private sector, public sector and voluntary organizations; To meet customer expectations has become the most basic reason. Caring for the customer will provide great advantages for competition.

Certified with TUV ROYAL

In order to operate in today’s global economy, quality and customer satisfaction becomes mandatory. Customers are looking for evidence of the quality of the products and services they buy, and are committed to paying for the money they pay for the product or service they purchase. The certificate proves this.

By collaborating with TUV ROYAL, you can improve your customer satisfaction quality management systems in order to improve your performance, meet the needs of your customers and increase your business, by making the most of your work with ISO 10002.

USP / Benefits

Boost your profit- by helping you improve processes and meet customers’ requirements, ISO 10002 can help you increase your business and business line.

Improve processes – with ISO 10002, identify areas of improvement in your management processes so that they are internationally recognized.

Boost productivity – by highlighting the point at which your processes can be improved, ISO 10002 helps identify ways to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Meeting customer needs – customer focus allows you to set goals to meet customer needs of ISO 10002.

Prove your commitment to quality – certification shows that you are committed to continuous improvement of customers, partners and employees.