ISO 10006 Quality management in projects


was inspired by international ISO 10006 standard, Guidelines for quality management in projects. “Since ISO 10006 standard provides just general guideline and principles in quality management in projects and is not intended for certification, TUV ROYAL experts have developed ISO 10006 standard which contains brief and clear requirements for implementation and certification of quality management system in projects.

ISO 10006 is suitable for project organizations of all types and sizes regardless of the business scope (e.g. construction, IT, design, architectural, developer, euro fund, event, etc.)

Establishment and certification of quality management system in projects according to ISO 10006 provides benefits as follows:

– systematic approach to defining, planning, management and project evaluation

– awareness of interested parties and ensuring management of their requirements

– systematic approach to management of change in projects

– internal audits and quality management system in projects improvement

– organization´s awareness improvement by employees

Key aspects of ISO 10006 standard

– set up a quality management system in projects

– project definition

-project planning

-project management

– evaluation of the quality management system in project performance

– improvement