Quality policy

Quality policy
Services that are performed by TUV ROYAL are maintained in compliance with the needs of all connected parties.
The importance of impartiality during the performance of management system certification activities is accepted by all of our employees.
All risks from a possible conflict of interest involving TUV ROYAL have been eliminated. All services are offered in compliance with legal and accreditation requirements.
In order to make possible what is previously stated, we commit to:
▪ Serve in compliance with procedures which are applied to all organizations without differences,
▪ Provide a sufficient number of qualified staff, and to continuously improve their knowledge and skills for conduction of certification process,
▪ Monitor real changes and development of certification activities and to inform related parties of such changes,
▪ Conduct our certification activities in compliance with ISO/IEC 17021, ISO 19011, scope of the accreditation,
▪ Be aware of environment protection and natural resources and to share that concept with related parties,
▪ Continuously move forward and improve.