ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management (ABMS)

Relevant to any organization of any size or sector, providing products or services.

If your organization wants to prevent, detect and address bribery, ISO 37001 can help – whether you’re in the medical devices or construction industry, or anything in between.

The international standard ISO 37001 sets out the requirements and provides guidance for preventing, detecting and addressing bribery, helping you comply with anti-bribery laws and any voluntary commitments that apply to your business. This lets you show your customers and other stakeholders that you have anti-bribery measures in place, building relationships based on trust.

ISO 37001 addresses two main areas: bribery by the organization and bribery of the organization. ISO 37001 provides guidance and requirements for anti-bribery measures such as establishing an anti-bribery policy and appointing a person to oversee various activities, carrying out risk assessments and setting up investigation procedures.

What you need to know

ISO 37001 is suitable for any organization, big or small, in any industry, from food, feed and farm to construction – including yours. It sets out the requirements for an anti-bribery management system, which can be standalone or integrated into your other management systems.

ISO 37001 covers various aspects of bribery, including:

Bribery in different sectors (public, private and not-for-profit)

Bribery by the organization, including by its employees or business associates

Bribery of the organization, including of its employees or business associates

Direct and indirect bribery

ISO 37001 follows a structure that makes it easy to use alongside other management system standards, such as ISO 9001. It was published in 2016, replacing the standard BS 10500.

Getting certified with TUV ROYAL

Bribery is a serious issue globally, with an estimated US$1 trillion paid in bribes every year. In addition to putting the business at risk of financial and reputational damage, this has wider consequences, including increasing poverty and reducing quality of life. ISO 37001 certification lets you demonstrate that your organization does not contribute to this, and actively seeks to prevent bribery.

By partnering with TUV ROYAL, you can use ISO 37001 to put policies and processes in place to improve your performance, reduce your risk and enhance your reputation.

If your organization is certified to BS 10500, you will now need to transition to ISO 37001. TUV ROYAL can help you make the change – contact us to find out more.


Reduce the risk of bribery – by helping you implement an anti-bribery management system, ISO 37001 can reduce your risk of bribery.

Protect your reputation – ISO 37001 certification helps you build confidence and trust in your brand and promotes transparency.

Demonstrate compliance with regulations – ISO 37001 provides guidance so you can comply with national and international regulations.

Enhance relationships – with ISO 37001 certification, you can show your stakeholders that you have internationally recognized controls in place.

Build legal protection – ISO 37001 certification proves you have taken measures to prevent bribery.

Avoid financial loss – by managing your bribery risk with ISO 37001, you can avoid the costs associated with bribery.

Establish an ethical business culture – by involving all employees in your anti-bribery policy and activities, ISO 37001 helps you build an ethical culture.

Improve competitiveness – ISO 37001 certification lets you demonstrate that you follow best practice, helping you stay ahead of the competition.