Product Certification

At TUV ROYAL, we understand that to compete in today’s crowded marketplace, manufacturers, retailers and brand owners need to prove the quality of their products to potential buyers. Our global network of experts can assess products against a wide range of schemes to ensure that your products meet the required national, regional and international requirements.
Looking beyond the legal minimum, there is a whole range of product certification and approval schemes that enable you to highlight the specific qualities of a product, thereby giving you the competitive edge and enabling consumers to differentiate between the products available.Product certificate performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications (sometimes called “certification schemes” in the product certification industry).Our certifications demonstrate that your products have been tested to applicable standards. The certificate of product compliance with international standards (Product Certification) is given to the approved products of the production units after sampling by this company and product confirmation tests by international laboratories and European accreditation. Benefits of issuing Product Conformity Certificate (P.C):
– This certificate is an international guarantee for the products produced by industrial units, and it is the focus of these factories in order to be present in global markets, export goods, increase sales and satisfy consumers as much as possible.
– Assuring the company’s management of compliance with all the quality and health specifications of food products (physical, microbial, chemical and sensory) compared to the established regulations (depending on the company’s opinion, in choosing the European Union standard, EC codes of the European Union, food standard Germany, reference standard of World Trade Organization and Codex or Iranian standard)
– Ability to refer and trace internationally the results of tests conducted in international and European Union accredited laboratories as the main reference for test results and tests.
– Using the results of analysis and tests to compare with the internal results of tests as the principle of reproducibility.
– Reassuring all customers inside and outside the country to ensure the health and hygiene of food products by inserting the logo of the certification authorities on the products.
– Extensive regional and international marketing and advertising using product compliance logo
– Assigning a special code and inserting the name of the company and products in the list of companies holding product conformity certificates in Europe and Germany
– International guarantee for the company’s products and the possibility of effective presence in international markets and export of goods
– Carrying out all steps of the activities within a limited time of maximum 30 working days (if the results of the tests conform) and issuing the certificate of conformity of the product